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Machiniplex Closing down at the end of May, 2011

Sadly, no one has come forward with a desire to take over Machiniplex, so I've decided to shut the Machiniplex video site down and move the films to a Vimeo channel. I'll also be closing this blog at the end of this month (May, 2011).

I just want to thank everyone who has made Machiniplex a fun and lively place for film premieres and discussions. In particular, Phil Rice, Ingrid Moon and Damien Valentine have contributed enormously to making Machiniplex an important concept/website. Of course, the original idea came from Jason Choi, a terrific filmmaker. My thanks to him for sharing his concept.

But most of all, thanks to the filmmakers who made the Mplex site such a good location for quality machinima films. Thank you all.

I'll announce when the Vimeo channel is up as soon as it's done.


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