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February 28th Mplex Forum with Kate Lee & Sherwin Liu of Chat Noir Studio

The Machiniplex forum will be held on Sunday, February 28th in Second Life with special guests Kate Lee and Sherwin Liu, who combine to form Chat Noir Studio. Over the last several years, they have produced unique hand-crafted machinima with high production values and unusually well written stories. Their recent "Death in Venice" film was nominated for a jury prize at last years MachinExpo.

Kate and Sherwin began making machinima films around 2006 using Lionhead's The Movies as their platform. Their work on such films as "Dignity of Men" showed the community that they were serious about the quality of their film work. Despite the difficulty of working in The Movies, they created such a charged atmosphere and made such important moral points that this particular film became an example of how machinima can overcome it's inherent limitations and become an art form.

Another interesting and accomplished film created in The Movies was the 3-part "Into the Shadow" series, a 40's noir style packed with almost existential crises for most of the characters. What Kate and Sherwin do with the low-rent content of The Movies is simply wonderful. Sherwin's music compositions for the series is superb. I think this series makes a great case for the art that can come from limitations.

Recently, Chat Noir has moved to Moviestorm to create their films, which has allowed them more room to expand their film aesthetic and develop more sophisticated cinematography and character animation. "Death in Venice" is simply one of the best machinima films ever made. Acting, sound work, cinematography and especially the Graham Greene-style story are all first rate.

Currently, Kate and Sherwin are at work on an ambitious new film titled "Incubus" which is being shot in Moviestorm again. You can read their production diary here and follow their very smart and interesting studio blog here. Their main film archive is at their YouTube page. Vimeo also has several high quality versions of their films.

We are delighted that Kate and Sherwin will join us for the Mplex forum on Sunday, February 28th from 1030AM to 12PM (Pacific Time) in Second Life.

The Machiniplex forums are a series of open monthly meetings which center around important filmmakers, films and tools for the Machinima community. We will discuss production ideas, how Chat Noir develops their scripts and anything else that comes up.

Second Life

This month we are meeting at the Academy Portucalis, an organization that furthers education in SL and throughout the world. Here is brief they sent us about their organization:

About Academy Portucalis.

Academy Portucalis is owned by 
Marga Ferrer and M2life Paravane. At present, the Academy is a school reference in SL, either in the national Portuguese or other nationalities, over the years at work and the merit of their instructors and trainees and has a leading position with regard to education in SL. The Academy works with training in RL from various institutions of higher education Portuguese, accompanied by institutions of the same level of education in other countries (including Spain, Brazil, Argentina and the United States of America). They were also presented papers at international conferences, with publication in specialized journals with referees, who "shoot" the Academy for a landing in international education.
We hope that all stakeholders (trainers, trainees, friends, curious) to collaborate and continue, as always, to enrich Portucalis! 

We'd like to thank Marga Ferrer and M2Life Paravane for their support in making this location available to us. 

Here is the SLURL: 

Second Life is a free and open virtual world. I if you are interested you can download their software and learn more here

If you need to convert the time of the event to your time zone, here is a good time converter. Remember the event time zone is Pacific Time (Los Angeles). 

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