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Open Machiniplex Forum on "Productivity" with Jorge Campos on Sunday, January 10th

Jorge Campos, machinima filmmaker who ,as I write this, is creating/editing/shooting another film idea that is boiling around inside of his imagination (hardest workin man in machinima). Phil, Damien and I were all impressed with his film "Ad Hominem Attack" in particular and Jorge was one of only a handful of filmmakers who screened more than one film at the recent MachinExpo 2009, I we surprised at how good the overall quality of his films were considering how quickly he manages to produce them. Well, if you've wondered how ahe does it, now is your chance to chat with Jorge who is our special guest for the inaugural (January) session of forums which will take place every month on the second Sunday in the virtual world of Second Life.

Jorge's Vimeo site has most of his major films and he's got a strange/funny series called "The Clarks Show" going as well. He's also the winner of the recent 48hour machinima film competition with his "Ring of False God".

The Machiniplex monthly meetings are open forums dedicated to providing a place for monthly discussion of machinima films, culture and technique. All skill levels are welcome, so if you are just starting out you'll find a welcome atmosphere.

The forum will be mostly in voice chat so you'll need a good pair of headphones and a mic if you want to participate. There will also be a text chat going as well, so if you don't have a mic it's still good.

The location is in Second Life at Chantal Harvey's "MaMachiniMa Studio". The slurl is here:


Bring your questions and ideas about how to be a more productive filmmaker.

Note: Second Life is a virtual world that is free for everyone. You'll definitely need headphones if you plan on listening to the conversation. A mic would enable you to voice chat. We will also be running a text chat at the same time. Come early to test your equipment.

See you there!

PS Special thanks to Chantal, an accomplished machinima filmmaker in her own right (see her new film The Joy of Music on Vimeo) for providing her studio for our first Machinplex forum.

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