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Premiere for Lainy Voom's "Push" on October 25th

Machiniplex is very pleased to announce the Premiere of Lainy Voom's "Push", an experimental machinima film shot inside of the virtual world of Second Life. The Premiere will take place at Hathead's new Theatre space in Second Life on Sunday, October 25th at 10AM (Pacific Time).

Lainy Voom (aka Trace Sanderson) has been creating real time animated films (machinima) since 2004. She has created almost a dozen films since then all graced with her witty imagination and attention to detail. "Push" is her most recent film and it is one of her best.

In an interview at the excellent Koinup blog, Lainy explains the origin of "Push"

Koinup. Push' made a huge impact on the Machinima community recently, visually it has an immediate & dynamic appeal - what is the story behind this ? Is it more than an amazing eclectic visual collection - Does it tell a story?

Lainy. It began as an experiment, what would happen if I just started filming something, not analysing anything and just making the first thing that sprang to mind. I tried to let the film grow organically by itself. It's more a stream of consciousness exercise than anything with hidden deeper meaning. Towards the end of the filming process it began to become more contrived, I ended up scrapping all the later footage in order to bring it back to the initial experiment.

With last months Premiere of Claus-Dieter Schulz's "9" (also an experimental machinima film) we started a conversation about imaginative and abstract Machinima that I think will inform the Q&A with Lainy right after the screening of her film. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

My thanks to Lainy for allowing us to screen "Push" and for giving our Premiere audience an opportunity to discuss this great film with her (and perhaps many of her other films as well). You can pre-screen "Push" along with her earlier films at her website: Voom-Machine.

"Push" will post at the machiniplex.com site several days before the Premiere which will be on October 25th (Sunday) at 10AM Pacific Time. We'll Premiere the film in Second Life at Hathead's new Theatre. The slurl is here:


If you've never been to Second Life, it's a free virtual community that is an excellent place to have screenings and meetings like this. More info on how to join and learn the basics can be found here:



We'll be conducting the Q&A with Lainy primarily with text chat, so don't you don't really need a mic. I'll probably ask some questions via voice chat, but the Premiere will be primarily in text.

Feel free to show up a little early and get oriented. I'll be there at 9:30Am Pacific if you need help. Just look for my Second Life name gtoon jun and text me.

Hope to see you there!

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