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Yesterday I returned home from Dragon*Con. I was there to attend the machinima screenings, which included some of my own work.

Myself with Christina.

The first night was the achievements reel, where I met up with Christina (who did a great job putting together the sessions) and Sarah Howison, one of the cast members of my show. Felicia Day was at Dragon*Con as well and while she was another cast member, she had other things scheduled at the time so couldn't make it. Ben Grussi was also there, much to my surprise and came up to talk to us after the screening was over.

Sarah and I.

Here I am with Felicia.

The second night was a special screening of Stolen Life and the third night was comedy. Sadly I missed that last one as I needed to be at the airport.

However, the first two sessions both attracted a good audience and the films were well received. After Stolen Life, people had requested some kind of discussion so Christina held and impromptu Q&A session which she invited me to take part in. Together we were answering questions from those who wanted to know more about the film and machinima in general. Hopefully we'll see some new people in the community.

There's a complete list of everything that was screened here on the Dragon*Con Film Festival website.

For those interested in knowing what else I got upto there, there is a complete write up on my personal blog and more photos can be found here.

  1. Blogger Overman | September 8, 2009 at 8:25 PM |  

    Oh wow, I didn't know they were going to screen Stolen Life, that is so great!

    Thanks for the report, Damien!

  2. Blogger Richard Grove | September 9, 2009 at 11:00 PM |  

    Yes, great to see such a good film get screened again. Your report is excellent. So glad you were able to go and had a lot of fun!


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