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Machiniplex Premiere: "9" by Claus-Dieter Schulz

Screen capture from "9" by Claus-Dieter Schulz

Machiniplex will Premiere Claus-Dieter Schulz's "9", an experimental film in the tradition of filmmakers like Hans Richter and Stan Brakhage. Claus-Dieter is an important machinimaker who has created several innovative and original films like Desassossego and Liberty City. His Machinima Studios site has his blog and all of his films archived.

"9" is an abstact film which plays with the contrast of circles and lines appearing and disappearing as if in a dream. The effect being somewhat hypnotic and dreamlike. And although "9" is short, it seems much longer because of this effect. Much like the early Modernist experiments with geometric shapes and colors, "9" is unique to machinima. I'm eager to talk to Claus-Dieter about how he created the shapes in a machinima game engine and what how his editing ideas developed. He will be available after the screening for a Q&A.

"9" will post at the machiniplex.com site several days before the Premiere which will be on Sept 13th (Sunday) at 11AM Pacific Time / 8PM Germany. We'll Premiere the film in Second Life at Hathead's Island Lounge. The slurl is here:


Another screen capture from "9"

If you've never been to Second Life, it's a free virtual community that is an excellent place to have screenings and meetings like this. More info on how to join and learn the basics can be found here:



We'll be conducting the Q&A with voice chat, but if you don't have a mic/headphone that's OK because we'll be texting most of the conversation.

Feel free to show up a little early and get oriented. I'll be there at 10:30Am Pacific if you need help. Just look for my Second Life name gtoon jun and text me.

Hope you can make it!

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