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Machiniplex Premiere: Clear Skies 2 on Sunday, June 28th

On Sunday, June 28th at 8AM (Pacific Time) / 11AM (Eastern Time), Machiniplex.net will host the premiere of Ian Chisholm's Clear Skies 2 at the screening room on Hathead's Island in Second Life. We will screen the film (approx. 46 minutes long) and then have a Q&A with director Ian Chisholm and members of his team. Ian will be texting a director's commentary during the screening. Phil Rice will moderate the discussion.

For those who haven't seen the first chapter in the Clear Skies saga, James Egan's comments at Massively.com describes the plot quite succinctly:

Clear Skies follows a trio of down-and-out misfits who've seen no end of bad luck. John Rourke is the obstinate captain of the Clear Skies, a Tempest class battleship manufactured by the downtrodden Minmatar race of New Eden. Rourke's attitude toward his hazardous chosen lifestyle is cavalier, although this does not sit well with his friends among the crew. Solomon Burke is the pessimistic ship's engineer, while Charlie Fodder -- a gunner with an ironic name -- does his best to keep the crew alive. Typical of life in New Eden, Fodder is doomed to remain a rather busy man.

These likeable dropouts from the entrenched corporate lifestyle of New Eden eke out a meager living on trade runs and the odd courier job here and there. Still, they manage to find humor in their grim lot as they narrowly avoid being blown out of the stars by pirates, hired thugs, or whatever threat awaits them on the other side of the next jump gate. This is life aboard the Clear Skies. It's not a comfortable lifestyle by any means, but the crew is free to live and die by their own terms. Of course, their exploits do make for some good stories

-James Egan, Massively.com

Clear Skies 2 improves on already excellent production values and adds impressive writing and characterization. Ian Chisholm and his team challenged themselves to improve on the hugely popular first film and have done a truly remarkable job. The combination of Eve Online for exterior scenes and Half Life 2 for interior shots is creative and high successful. The Faceposer work alone is at the highest level of machinima animation.

We'll be streaming Clear Skies 2 at our Machiniplex.com site several days before the June 28th Premiere. In the meantime, you can stream our download both films at Vimeo.com. Ian has recently added an amusing "Outtakes Bucket" for Clear Skies 2.

Machiniplex premiered the first Clear Skies film at the first annual Machinima Expo in November of 2008. We are proud to present the second film in an ongoing series.

If you've never been to one of our Premiere's here's how it works: you will need to join up at Second Life (a free virtual community), or simply log in if you are a member. Then you'll need to teleport to the screening room on Hathead's Island. You can follow this link to do so:


Once you arrive at the screening room, you'll find many other people chatting either by voice or by text chat before the screening. After a while, we'll announce the screening and we'll all watch the film on the large screens in the center of the room (be sure to click your "play" button at the bottom of your SL screen). When the film is done, we will talk about the film with director Ian Chisholm and members of his team. Phil Rice will be moderating the discussion. Feel free to ask questions and/or make comments about the film.

Generally, we talk for about an hour or so and then head over to the dance floor to boogie away (this is where the REAL conversations happen). If you've never danced before, just click on the silver ball over the dance floor to initiate the animations.

If you are a beginner, don't be afraid to ask questions; everyone there was a beginner once and we are happy to help you out.

8AM in Los Angeles (Pacific Time) works out to 4PM in London. If you need a time conversion chart, there is a good one here:


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