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No Altered States

Well... as it turns out, I am in Ecuador during the Altered States conference, so I won't be on the panel. So sad... so disappointing in that regard. I won't need to have the pre-conference discussion (although we really should have some kind of event/discussion soon anyway).

I'll be thinking of machinima and altered states and UCLA and this missed opportunity from 20,000 feet (and the farthest point from the center of the Earth, farther than the peak of Everest), though, so don't cry too hard. Just keep making great films! :)

-- Ingrid

State of “Play”: Narrativity and Gaming

I have been invited as a panelist for the following event at UCLA's first annual Altered States Media Conference next month. In order to prepare myself for an intelligent discussion, I was thinking of hosting a live discussion with machinimators and Machiniplex viewers and anyone else with two cents to contribute on the following topic.
State of “Play”: Narrativity and Gaming
Moderator: Peter Guber (Chairman, Mandalay Entertainment)

Any recent look into the business pages will show a video game industry outpacing the traditional film industry by ever-widening margins. Interactivity is now a common theme whenever discussing the future of narrative storytelling. But concepts such as scarcity, broadcasting, authorship, and predetermination are fundamental to the art of storytelling; can the “narrative” exist in an environment of peer-to-peer authorship? And as stories turn into games, how does one play a story?
I haven't selected a date for the discussion yet but I think 5:00 pm on Sunday, May 31 would work, giving me two weeks (some of which will be me climbing volcanoes in Equador) to ponder and absorb our discussion. I'm not sure if we should do Second Life or something else.

In any case, please let me know if you can attend - and please feel free to send me your thoughts, references, blog entries, etc. related to this panel, or leave a comment.

This panel is Sat. June 13 at UCLA - so if anyone's local, you should consider attending! There are a lot of other very interesting sessions going on and I am definitely going to make a day of it.

-- Ingrid

Looking For New Films to Premiere

It's been a few months since our last Premiere at Machiniplex, so we are looking for new, quality machinima films that would fit for a Premiere. If anyone has suggestions or has seen a machinima film recently that just knocked your socks off, send us a link either in the comments section here at the blog or to me privately at: rgrove@iliadbooks.com

We are also working to develop the "classics" section of our Machiniplex site. We'll be archiving and featuring classic machinima from the earliest Quake period of machinima up to a couple years ago. Admittedly, the "classic" moniker is subjective, but our desire is to present the best of machinima in years past. Any suggestions are welcome!