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Machiniplex Premiere: "Saving Grace" by Sisch. Feb 15th, 10AM @ Second Life

Machiniplex will premiere "Saving Grace", a new machinima film created by Sisch, on February 15th (Sunday) at 10AM (Pacific Time) at Z-Studios Theater in Second Life. Created using a mixture of three separate real-time engines (Moviestorm, The Movies and X3 Terran Conflict), "Saving Grace" has a unique style along with an intriquing storyline that is very well done. It's themes of loneliness, self-sacrifice and human/machine authenticity remind me a bit of the sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick with some Ursula K. Leguin thrown in as seasoning. "Saving Grace" is an excellent blend of style and content.

We are proud to present "Saving Grace" as a Machiniplex Premiere. We will screen the film at 10AM (Second Life time) after which Sisch will answer questions and comment on the making of the film.

We will be posting "Saving Grace" at the machiniplex.net site a few days before the premiere, so you can stream it there or download a copy if you'd like to see the film early.

If you've never been to Second Life before, it's a virtual world where people create things and host virtual events. It's a free download and is fairly easy to learn. You can come early if you are a first-timer and we'll have someone there to help you out. We generally use voice chat for the discussions afterwards, but if you don't have a microphone or headset, we'll also be doing text chat as well.

Here is a link that will tell you more about how to get going with Second Life:

Getting Started with Second Life

In world, you can instant message me (gtoon jun) or Phil Rice (Sol Bartz), and we'll respond promptly. You can also ask any questions here in the "comments" section of this post and I'll do my best to answer quickly.

Hope to see you there!

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