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Machinima in Bristol

I was recently invited to the Brief Encounters short film Festival in Bristol for a presentation and panel on the subject of Machinima.

The other two panelists were Grethe Mitchell from The University of East London and Britta Pollmuller another veteran with Machinima.

My presentation served as an introduction to Machinima, included some clips of various pieces that represented the medium well. I also discussed why I first became involved with Machinima, as a means to tell stories through film that I couldn't do live action.

Grethe followed with her research into Machinima and how it takes elements from all forms of media (film, gaming, music etc) and brings it all together.

Sadly, Britta was unable to make it in person due to bad weather but was able to join us virtually via Second Life where she could to walk us through the work she does for Schome.

An excellent day and a chance to make new friends and bring new people into the world of Machinima.

I'd also like to thank Hanna Wirman for being so helpful and Hugh Hancock for setting me up with that.