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"Iron Sky" New Collaborative Movie

Intriguing post on boingboing.net today regarding a collaborative live-action/animated film called "Iron Sky". The teaser is really something:

This creative commons licensed film is being produced/created by the same crew that developed the "Star Wreck" collaborative film a few years ago. The idea is to become part of the beta group for the new film and collaborate with them by filling in work that needs to be done. Their blog site has more information and the site where you can sign up is wreckamovie.com

I'm sure gonna join. What an interesting project!

  1. Blogger Ricky Grove | May 6, 2008 at 1:40 PM |  

    Just a quick follow up: I've signed up to collaborate on Iron Sky (you can choose to participate in three separate projects) and have already posted suggestions for Moon corporation names and volunteered for viral marketing YouTube scheme as an actor. The interface is top notch and the quality of the membership is very high. Future plans include the ability to set up your own production at their site. How's that for cool?

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