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Machinma Premiere: Tom Jantol's "Wizard of OS: the Fish Incident" (4/27)

This Sunday, April 27th at 12PM (Pacific Time), machiniplex will host experimental filmmaker Tom Jantol's new film "The Wizard of OS: the Fish Incident" based on a fragment of writing by renowned inventor/eccentric Nicola Tesla. The event will be held in the virtual world, Second Life, in Hathead's Tower Lounge. We will screen the film and afterwards Tom will be present to answer questions and discuss the making of this action-packed potboiler.

A still from the beginning of "Wizard of Os: the Fish Incident"

Tom is one of our most interesting and, to my mind, important machinima filmmakers. There is not a single machinima film like what Tom creates. His concept of "Anymation", meaning to use whatever tools help you create your projects/films with, has been taking hold in the community and among animation filmmakers for the last few years. His films are also filled with ideas and concepts that only start to become clear after repeated viewings.

I'm delighted that Tom is allowing us to Premiere "The Fish Film" (as he calls it) since I consider it his finest work to date. The mixing of form and content is just right. And while Tom has been experimenting/playing with the "Wizard of OS" figure for a while, it seems to me that in this film, the character (if you could call it that) has matured and grown into a kind of crippled super hero. The scope of the film is wider and the clear conflict presented is both funny and strange at the same time.

Our "protagonist" is watching a drunken Santa stagger across the snow

Of course, I could be full of shit and not even know it (most likely), but that's the beauty of poetic films like Tom's "Fish Film", it can support many different interpretations and they all work (some more and some less). Which is why having Tom present at the Premiere to discuss his films is such a cool situation. Unlike, say, David Lynch, who likes to play the Cheshire Cat when asked about his films, Tom wants to discuss them. I'd say he's even eager to ask questions of the viewer himself.

Tom is Croatian and lives in Zagreb, Croatia (my god, I wrote him recently and asked if he lived in Belgrade...he politely told me to **** myself since Belgrade is the capitol of Serbia, a country Croatia is at war with....Christ, I'm sorry Tom!) and is worried about his "mangled english", but I have a feeling he's going to do just fine. Let's all try to make him comfortable by using as much American and English slang as we can. Like let's make him cheesed off a bit so we can give him a bit of the habdabs..yeah, bobs yer uncle, mate! I'm sure Tom will love it.

Still trying to find that damn fish!

Some details on how to attend the Premiere:

Second Life slurl (web address to take you to Hathead's Lounge):


If you have never used Second Life, you can download their FREE software and give it a try. There will be plenty of people on hand at the event to help you figure out the interface and move around.

We will be communicating primarily via voice chat, so if you want to talk you'll need a mic/headphone combination. They are pretty cheap now and you can find them at most electronics/computer stores. My favorite brand is Sennheiser.

Oh, and if you think of it, drop a few linden dollars in the cup for Hathead. In fact, drop a couple hundred.

See you there!

  1. Anonymous Adam | April 23, 2008 at 5:43 PM |  

    how can I see this outside of SL?

  2. Blogger Ricky Grove | April 23, 2008 at 5:48 PM |  

    Hello Adam, this blog is written in support of our main site, Machiniplex.com, which is devoted to presenting quality machinima in high quality versions. If you go to that site, you'll see that every film we have a "Premiere" for in Second Life, we host on our Machiniplex in both a streaming version and a downloadable version. We will post "Wizard of OS: the Fish Incident" at our site on April 25th. You can watch the film our download it on that date. After that, the film goes into our rotation of films we believe are the best machinima has to offer.

    Ricky Grove

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