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Machiniplex Premiere: "Folie a Duex", This Sunday, 1PM on Skype

(Note: I had written a long post on Peter Rasmussen, but it was lost somehow in the Blogger software. I'll attempt to re-construct and post as soon as I can. Peter's recent death has saddened us all. My condolences to his relatives and friends)

Machiniplex.com is hosting a Premiere for the film "Folie a Duex", an Antics Machinima directed by Tony Bannan. The film is currently showing at his website, Ammo Previz, and will be posted on the Machiniplex site on Saturday. On Sunday, March 16th at 1PM (Pacific Time) we will host a Q&A with the director on Skype. If you don't have me listed as a contact, search for "rickygrove" and I'll send you my contact details. The Q&A session will be a voice chat, but we'll also have a text chat going at the same time.

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