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Machiniplex Premiere: "Clockwork", a crime drama. Sat. March 29th, 4PM (Pacific) @ Second Life

Machiniplex is very proud to present "Clockwork, a crime drama shot in Garry's Mod and directed by Nefarious Guy (Amorphous Blob Productions). Music is by Phil Rice. We will be premiering the film in Second Life at Hathead's famous Tower Lounge on Saturday, March 29th at 4PM (Pacific Time, or 11PM GMT). After the premiere (the film lasts about 12 minutes) we will meet the director and some of his crew for a question and answer session.

Of course, there will be drinks and dancing after the Q&A, so stay as long as you like!

We have decided to move our Premiere to Second Life after continuing frustrations with Skype. If you have never tried Second Life, but want to attend, now would be a good time to set up an account. It's free and pretty easy to set up. You might want to try out the Second Life orientation before the event, or just show up early and ask for help if you need it. Second Life uses a "slurl" to get from place to place (instant transport). The slurl for Hathead's Tower Lounge is:


We will be using voice chat, so be sure you microphone is working. If you don't have a mic, that's ok since there is a good text chat in Second Life and we will have one going at the event.

If you need a good time converter to figure out what 4PM Pacific Time would be in your timezone, try this link:


I will be posting the film at our Machiniplex site on Thursday night, so you can see it before the Premiere if you like, or wait to see it on Saturday.

My thanks to Hathead for letting us use his remarkable space and for his continued support. Please feel free to tip Hathead via the Second Life interface at any time you like. You can deposit Linden dollars (the Second Life currency) directly into his account.

Frank is about to do something he'll regret.


"Clockwork" is a crime drama about a hit-man who tries to change his life, but finds that the mob won't let him go. Frank is a killer who wakes up to his conscience too late to protect his family and friends. Nefarious Guy wrote the script and shot it in Garry's Mod. I came on as an actor (I play Frank) and as a sound designer back in October of 2007. Phil Rice joined at the same time to play Vinnie and create the superb music for the film. Production covered about 5-6 months.

Down these mean streets a man must walk.

The Don gives his blessing for Frank to join the "organization"

Vinnie likes his work a little too much.

And here's a trailer that Nefarious Guy put together early in the production. It doesn't feature Phil's music (it's a temp track) and the sound is wonky, but it's still a decent representation of what the film is like.


Since I play a part as an actor in "Clockwork" and designed the sound, I recused (removed) myself from the usual process of deciding whether a film is premiered at Machiniplex. I gave no assurances to the director or indicated to anyone how I felt about "Clockwork" as a film. Nefarious Guy, the director, sent a copy of the finished film to Ingrid and Jason, who separately approved the film for a Premiere. I made no effort to persuade or convince them to do so.

Since Machiniplex chooses only films that the three of us consider to be of a high quality, I feel that this statement is necessary in order to prevent any appearance of favoritism.


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