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"Clockwork" is streaming at Machiniplex: Premiere today at 4PM

Watching the Clockwork test through our "Love" spectacles.

After a bit of wrangling and thumb-twiddling while waiting for files to encode, transfer,etc., we've finally got our new Machinima Premiere film "Clockwork" up and running at Machiniplex. The flash video looks good, but I think the downloadable wmv version is better. Sorry the size of the download is so large (400mb), but if you have the patience, this is the version to watch.

As a reminder, we will be actually showing the film in Second Life at Hathead's Tower Lounge today (Saturday) at 4PM (Pacific Time). Hathead managed to re-encode the .mov version we sent him and it looks pretty good in-world. This will be the first time we've managed to do what we'd always wanted to do on a Premiere: show the film and then have the discussion afterwards.

Hathead's Tower Bar is here:


Or you can IM either Hathead Rickenbacker or gToon June when you arrive in Second Life. We will teleport you to the bar. We will show the film around 4:30PM (once everyone settles down) and then have a Q&A with Phil Rice (music/acting), myself (sound/acting) and the director, Nefarious Guy.

Nefarious has also created a nice post about "Clockwork" and what he was trying to say/do with the film. You can find the link here:


My thanks to Hathead for letting us use his island for the Premiere and for helping to get everything set up. Please feel free to donate to Hathead if you feel so inclined. You can right-click on the movie screen and donate any amount directly to Hathead. He's got the pay the rent, too.

See you there!

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