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Machinima Meeting in Second Life

I've been attending the monthly machinima meetings hosted by Phil Rice (Overman) and every one has been informative and enjoyable. Since I don't spend any time at forums anymore, this is an excellent way to hook up with folks in the community and chat about machinima, games and just about anything in-between. This last Friday, Frank (Fleef) hosted the get together. This time instead of using Skype voice chat, we all got together in Second Life and tried out the fairly new voice chat system. It worked very well, even with around ten of us talking. Much, much better in quality than Skype.

Nice little beach house in SL designed by Frank

Frank was the MC for the event and he did a nice job of keeping us on track. As in previous machinima meetings, the topics were free-wheeling and fun (all centered around machinima, of course). Michelle, CJ, MooMoney, Hathead, myself, Matt, and about nine other people sat on the balcony overlooking a wide expanse of second life ocean. Naturally, the subject of Second Life came up often and Matt (who is on staff at the Electric Sheep Company) had a lot to say about the tech behind SL machinima and at one point even offered us rides on his cool camera (you had to be there).

All we needed was an urn with fire in the center.

There was also talk of the Witcher (a new role playing PC game). CJ and I mulled over the advantages of using Antics for machinima. Half Life 2 and Gary's Mod were topics of discussion, along with a good deal of tech talk.

Hathead, Michelle and CJ listen attentively.

The award for "coolest avatar" went to Orfeo Miles, a musician turned machinimator, who was
a delightful conversationalist. I hope he'll attend more of the machinima meetings.

Orfeo of the cool tie. Looks like Keith Richards to me.

Oh, by the way, Matt appeared at one point in an avatar used for the CSI: New York TV bit that he helped design in Second Life. He reminded us that the complete episode will show this Wed night (Feb 27) on CBS.

Matt in his CSI avatar. Something about a gladiator...

The machinima meetings are usually held once a month and are managed by Phil Rice and Peter Rasmussen. I think they are a lot of fun in addition to being informative. I hope that the meetings will continue to be held in Second Life as the voice communication is much better and it's just more fun.

  1. Blogger FLeeF | February 25, 2008 at 1:42 PM |  

    Thanks so much for the writeup and photos, Ricky. That was fun, wasn't it? I'm glad you made it.

    I was also pleased to discover that those who only wanted to listen to the audio (for lack of a microphone or whatever reason) and use text chat to contribute could also stay right in the thick of the discussion. Just try that with Skype.

  2. Anonymous Michelle | February 25, 2008 at 9:35 PM |  

    Nice post, Ricky. That was so much fun...hands down better than Skype chats! Hope Phil, Peter or Frank will organise more of these in SL.

  3. Blogger Ricky Grove | February 25, 2008 at 10:45 PM |  

    Thank you, Frank and Michelle. I should have mentioned the text chat that was going on. Just forgot. And I agree, Michelle, I think SL is a much better environment to conduct these kinds of meetings. Since its free and the basics are easy to learn, I think it would appeal to a wide variety of people. I like Skype, but I think it has it's limitations. One thing I did notice in SL that's different from the regular voice chats in Skype was that there were more silences or pauses in conversation while in SL. I suppose this has to do with being able to see who you are talking to along with having an world you can move around in. At times I forgot what I was doing and just started looking around. This probably will slow the pace down of meetings, but what the hell.

  4. Blogger Coyote Republic | February 25, 2008 at 11:18 PM |  

    Looks like it was a beautiful venue as well as a good chat. I do agree SL has big advantages now that it has added voice chat to its feature set. I really hope to catch the next one!

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