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How to Participate in the Machiniplex Premiere

Our next premiere film, "Among Fables and Men", is finally up at the machiniplex.com site. Tobias, the director, spent several sleepless nights trying to re-master the sound and re-work the ending of the film specifically for our Premiere. The film you will see today is his revised version and will definitely be the first time the public has seen this new version. The download link will be done by the Q&A time of 1:00PM. We are sorry for the delay.

Since I think there will be some first-timers for the premiere, I thought I'd explain how the premiere works and how you can participate.

We use Skype to conduct our premieres. It is a voice/chat program that is free and widely used within the machinima community for easy calling/chatting to other computers both here in the States and around the world. Basically, if you have a computer and a microphone you can participate in the voice chat; if you have a computer but no microphone you can participate in the text chat. Here's how you do it.

1. go to http://www.skype.com and download the free software. Install. Re-boot and start the program.

2. When the opening screen comes up, you'll be able to choose several options. The first thing you want to do is add contacts (people you want to call/chat with). My Skype name is Ricky Grove. You can use the search function to find me and add me to your contact list. People will send you contact information when they want to trade info with you; just click on the OK box to exchange contact info.

3. To participate in a chat/call you have two options (just like using a phone in the real world). You can call someone by hitting the big green icon at the bottom of the screen (you'll need a microphone to voice chat), you can also accept an invitation to participate in a voice conference.
Ingrid and I will invite you when the conference/premiere starts as soon as we get your contact information. If you just want to chat, again you can be invited to chat by Ingrid and I, or initiate your own chat by clicking the chat-bubble icon.

4. You may have to adjust your sound card settings to get your microphone to work.

5. Skype only allows for 8 people at a time for voice chat (we are working on using another program to extend this capacity). So you might have to participate in the text chat first before you can join the voice chat. We will be featuring the main Q&A on the voice chat side, but will move back and forth with the text and voice chats.

6. If you have a question or comment you can either ask it directly in the voice chat or text chat, or you can send a private message to either Ingrid or myself and we will be sure to get the question to the director.

7. Finally, the current premiere film "Among Fables and Men" is now viewable at machiniplex.com. The download (in wmv) format will be available around the time of the Q&A at 1:00PM Pacific Time. I urge you to download the film as it is beautifully rendered in 1240x780.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me here or via my email at rgrove@iliadbooks.com

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