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Getting Through the Holidays

December and it's holidays aren't always my best friends even though I love the festive nature of Christmas and New Years. Memories and dreams can make it hard to get through this month. My partner, Lisa Morton, makes it easier by keeping me grounded in the present. Even so, I often think back to previous Decembers I have lived through; sometime with pleasure and sometimes with sadness.

I was rummaging through some old theater photos I had forgotten about and found three that made me stop and think. I was working at the Snowmass Repertory Theater (just outside of Aspen, Colorado) in the late eighties. We presented Cyrano de Bergerac one Christmas Season (If I remember correctly). I took some photos just outside the theater during a big snowstorm.

Just outside the main theater complex

What was I doing outside in cold like this?

We performed Cyrano at the old Wheeler Opera House in Aspen. They do a lot of comedy shows there now. It's a great 19th century-style theatre with an old fashioned stage, a balcony and box seats on either side of the stage. I was fortunate to have an excellent Cyrano to be a villain to. Casey...ach, I can't remember his last name. We both had a great time. I was also the fight choreographer and had a ball putting together the various swordfights. I remember the production was well-received and I was sorry when we closed.

In costume for my first entrance.

I suppose it's getting older that makes be reminisce. December is a month I do it the most though. At least this memory was a good one.

Jason, Ingrid and I would like to wish you all a pleasant holiday. Have fun and enjoy your life.

  1. Blogger Overman | December 26, 2007 at 1:18 PM |  

    I just love these pictures, Ricky. Thank you for sharing them and your recollections!

  2. Blogger Ricky Grove | December 26, 2007 at 1:37 PM |  

    You are welcome, Phil. Once I get my new personal website up, I hope to have a whole section devoted to my past acting work with lots of pictures. I've never been one to collect a lot of photos, but as I've been going through old manila envelopes and files, I've discovered that I've got many more photos and documents than I realized.

    My new personal homepage is expected to be up sometime in early January if I can get the damn flash programming fixed up.

    Thanks again.


  3. Blogger Steven | November 28, 2008 at 2:08 PM |  

    Don't know if you'll get this, but wanted to add some info about Cyrano. I was also in the show--in fact I was one of the actors you worked with in the fight scenes. I played the Vicount de Valvert and had a great time in the show. (Great sword choreography!) The actor who played Cyrano was Casey Kasiah (I'm sure I'm miss-spelling his name). He taught at Stella Adler at the time. I recently ran into another actor who works with Adler and he mentioned that Casey had passed away a few years ago. Very sad as I remember Casey as not only a wonderful actor, but a great human being. (I'll always remember a comment he made to me after a scene we did in the Scottish Play later that summer. I had flubbed up a line--just couldn't get it out of my mouth and as we left the stage he turned to me and whispered, "Yeah, easy for you to say!" The thing was, it was said in a way that made me feel good. It made me feel like he had gone through the same embarrassment as well.)
    Also, though you remember Cyrano being done in the winter, it was actually the first show of the summer season--co produced by SRT and Aspen Community Theatre. It was a GREAT show and I'll always have wonderful memories. I kept working for SRT in one way or the other for the next four years (before and after the big turnover.) It finally went out of business after the 91 season.
    Hope you're well!

  4. Blogger Ricky Grove | November 28, 2008 at 6:56 PM |  

    Hi Steven,

    thanks so much for taking the time to comment on this post. Casey! That was it. You are right, he was a great actor (I was jealous of him which added to the sparks between Cyrano and the compte de Guiche). I had no idea he taught at Stella Adler. No wonder he was so well skilled in craft. I'm not surprised he was so kind to you. Sad to hear that he passed away. Sigh..

    I'm sure I'm getting my seasons mixed up because of the other photos. You are probably right. I do remember loving the show at the Aspen Opera House. And I believe I did the fight choreography for Macbeth, too.

    Too bad SRT went out of business as it was a good organization for some time. There were problems with bureaucracy while I was there. I'm glad you had a chance to work on some other shows though. My favorite while I was there was the Foreigner. What a fun show that was!

    I hope you are well. Feel free to email me if you like. I'm working on amateur animation right now and perhaps there's a role for you somewhere.



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