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December 16 Machiniplex Premiere - "Among Fables and Men" by Tobias Lundmark

Our next machinima film premiere will be Sunday, December 16th at 1pm (Pacific Time) when we will present "Among Fables and Men" a machinima film by Tobias "dopefish" Lundmark . We will have the film up at our Machiniplex site the night before (Dec. 15th). This won't be a true premiere as the film has been up for a while at Stage6 (in a very nice looking version) Tobias has told us he is remastering the sound for the premiere, so the film will still be a unique version we are presenting. We will have a Q&A with the director his collaborator Mads Lund at 1pm (Pacific Time) on Skype (Here's a time zone converter)

Ingrid and I both were very impressed with "Among Fables and Men". The title sequence is lovely and the whole film has a classy look that shows off Tobias' imagination and great sense of design. The film is wordless, but tells an interesting and strange story with striking visuals and interesting sound work. I personally liked Tobias' experiment with narrative form by using multiple frames and interesting graphics. I think Tobias will be a director to watch in the machinima community. His work has a strong personal stamp while being beautiful and witty.

Tobias has a nice looking blog "Through the Looking Glass" where he talks about his films and interests. He is very active in the World of Warcraft movie community, but has taken the style and look of Warcraft to another level, I believe.

You can catch the current version of the film at Stage6 or wait to watch it at Machiniplex. I hope you will take the time on Dec 16th to come check in at Skype and have a chat with the director.

-Sunday, December 16th, 1:00PM (Pacific Time)-

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