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The "Among Fables and Men" Premiere: Tobias, Anton & Malu

The "Among Fables and Men" premiere was this last Sunday and while it was fraught with lots of technical issues with Skype, we still managed to have a decent Q&A with director Tobias Lundmark. And just at the end of the session, both Malu (Tobias's co-director) and Anton (the new sound mixer) showed up and provided a good deal of commentary and laughter. My thanks to you all for taking the time to answer questions and for having the patience to deal with the communication problems that came up.

This is the first time we've tried to conduct an audio Q&A session for the premiere. Suffice to say, it did not go very well. My apologies to all of you who came and had to cope with bad audio and a fumbled session. We won't be doing another audio session until we solve the problems inherent with people from all over the world trying to conduct a live audio session. Eventually, we ended up having just Ingrid, myself and our three guests on the audio part of Skype, while Ingrid busily typed away a transcription of what we were discussing. Thanks to Ingrid for trying to make the session work, but needless to say many of you who attended didn't really get much interaction with Tobias and his co-collaborators.

Fortunately, I managed to cobble together a short interview from a phone conversation I had with Tobias a week or so ago, along with some parts of the Q&A from the premiere that I was able to record. I've cut it down to about 10 minutes, but I think there are some good comments by Tobias on his changes to the film for the Machiniplex premiere and on specific aspects of the film that I had asked questions about. He also offers up some background information on himself and his work. Background music for the interview is by Skin Mechanix and it's from magnatune.com.

Interview with Tobias Lundmark

As Tobias mentions in the first part of the interview, the version of the film presented for the premiere at machiniplex has re-worked sound, some re-rendered sections and a slightly different ending. The re-mixed sound worked beautifully and made the film much better for it. Anton (who showed at the end of the premiere very hung-over, but in reasonably good spirits) did all of it with Cool Edit and Sony Vegas. Very good work, Anton. And thanks for showing up and talking with us. I wish I could have recording you and Malu's comments. Especially Malu's remarks on working with Fusion with the last part of the film. Sigh....

Tobias is a very articulate and thoughtful young director whose work I look forward to. He was talking about filming in the Half Life 2 engine during the Q&A and was praising the tools that Valve makes available. I sure hope he creates a film in HL2 or Gary's Mod.

Again, my thanks to all who came to the "Among Fables and Men" premiere. I'm sorry for the technical problems and promise that we will have them resolved so that the premiere will be a much better experience the next time around. And, of course, thanks to Tobias, Anton and Malu for your patience and good will. I'm amazed at the command of English all three of them possess. I'm not sure many American machinima filmmakers could do as well in a foreign language as you all did for the premiere.

BTW, the download for "Among Fables and Men" is a whopping 330 Mb's of WMV. I know it's a lot to download, but it's a 1240x780 sized Windows Media file that is absolutely gorgeous. It's worth the wait. So start your download before you go to bed and watch it the next day. You won't regret it. "Among Fables and Men" is a beautiful film.

UPDATE: Tobias has provided a link for a version of the film that's around 100Mb's and yet retains high quality. You can download it here:



  1. Anonymous Anonymous | December 19, 2007 at 11:35 PM |  

    funny, the file I'm currently downloading is only a measly 325 Megs..

    Where's all the fat and cholesterol!??!

  2. Blogger Ricky Grove | December 19, 2007 at 11:52 PM |  

    Well hit me on the head with a stuffed chicken, you are right! I'm not sure how I cam up with "3 Gigs of WMV" when the file is clearly 330 MBS of WMV". Guess I need a nice brain flush. Thanks for pointing that out, anonymous.

    The quality of the Windows media version is still very, very good.


  3. Blogger Dopefish | December 20, 2007 at 1:17 PM |  

    There's a much better compressed version of it available here:

    100mb instead of 330mb, with close to no noticeable loss in quality :)

  4. Blogger Ricky Grove | December 20, 2007 at 1:21 PM |  

    Thanks, Tobias. I'll edit the post and add your download link. BTW, can you send me emails for Anton and Malud? I'd like to send them a thank you note.


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