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Two Audio Interviews on Cinemaniax.net

Damien Valentine and Hugh Hancock were interviewed for Cinemaniax (.net) during the Roadshow at Festival Arcadia, and so I thought I would supply the link for your listening pleasure. It's almost a half hour long, and starts with DV followed by HH who was setting up for his big presentation at the time.

Both give very different and very interesting interviews. Damien's is more about his film and then turns into a Star Wars geekfest, but don't get me wrong - it's quite entertaining. Hugh's starts out sounding like a rush to get through it, but it ends up being very informative. For those new to machinima, they give interesting insights; for veteran machinimators it's very interesting to hear their individual perspectives.

I definitely recommend a listen on cinemaniax.net. :)



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