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Larry Lessig on How Creativity is Being Strangled by Law: The TED conference

How synchronicity works its magic: I had just finished reading Michael's exellent post over at Free Pixel on "What Makes a Machininima Film Good", when Overman blogs on the Larry Lessig speech at the TED conference: exactly what I needed to hear. Larry Lessig is perhaps our most eloquent spokesperson for the new internet/digital age. He's a smart, compassionate and creative thinker with an amazing grasp of what we as content providers are up to and up against (i.e., "the Law")

In a way, Lessig's speech points us in the right direction to answer the question that Micheal poses; what makes a "good" machinima film. It's the ability to take already created content, re-create it and express a an idea differently. I was struck by Lessig's statement on amateur culture, "not made amateurishly, but made for the love of making, not for the money". This is exactly why I am involved in machinima, to make and help make films that are made for the love of making them.

Every machinima filmmaker should watch this video. It is absolutely essential for understanding where machinima fits within this new world of user generated content and the real world traditional business models of the past.

Really. I'm not kidding, just watch and you'll see what I mean.

My thanks to boingboing.net for the original video post, to Overman for bringing this to my attention and to Micheal at Free Pixel for his smart and challenging post.

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