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Machiniplex3: A Trio of Voices

I'd like to welcome you to our new blog, Machinplex3. This blog is written in support of our main site at Machiniplex.com. .

Why do we add the "3" after the name? Because all three of us; Jason Choi, Ingrid Moon and myself (Ricky Grove) will be sharing this blog. We hope that by combining our ideas we can post more often and provide a greater variety of content than a blog written by just one of us (or three separate blogs). Since each of us have very different personalities and different opinions on just about everything, we think that Machiniplex3 will be a lively and interesting site.

Our focus is on the films and filmmakers themselves; no forums, no news, no banner ads, no top ten lists and no excessive self promotion. We believe that Machinima is an art form and we intend to treat it that way.

The Machiniplex3 blog will be where we archive the text chats and voice Q&A's we have created for each of our machinima "Premieres". It will also be a place for the three of us to discuss ideas related to the films we present and to debate the concepts and aesthetics of machinima filmmaking in general. We also plan to spend a large part of our time on the practical aspects of machinima film production. When you see the word "Workshop" in the title of a blog post, you will know it will contain a specific tutorial based on one of the films we have presented at Machiniplex. We will work directly with the filmmakers themselves to present our "workshop" tutorials, so any aspiring machinima filmmaker can watch the film and then "see how it's done".

Over time this blog and our main Machiniplex site will grow as our ideas change and we learn more about how to achieve our goal of presenting quality machinima in the best possible format.

Next Up: A Report on our first Machiniplex Premiere: "Morning Run Amok" by Frank Fox.

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