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Bloodspell Premiere @Second Life: Part Two

Note: We've finally managed to post the complete Bloodspell film at our Machiniplex site. Both the size of the file and technical issues kept us from being able to post it sooner. We are sorry for the delay.

Now that the Bloodspell Premiere is a week old, I know that the event was much more fun that I realized at the time since I was so wound up in the technical issues and the logistics of the event. There were so many interesting people (Hathead told me there were about 40 to 45 people) who came for the Premiere; people like Paul Marino, Moo Money and RobertX (from Lit Fuse films) just to name a few. I wished I'd taken more time to talk to them. Well, we did have a lot of fun dancing at the end of the Premiere.

My only regret was that we were not able to play the introduction that Hugh Hancock, Frank Fox and I created specifically for the Bloodspell Premiere. When I proposed the idea, Hugh loved it and after I got his voice recording I contacted Frank, who is probably one of the best Moviestorm filmmakers we have now, and he agreed to create it for us. As you will see, both Frank and Hugh did a wonderful job. I'd like to thank Frank for taking the time out of his very busy professional schedule to help us out. Thank you!

Here is Mr. Hugh Hancock's Introduction to Bloodspell:

If you are interested you can download copies of the intro here (WMV, 4mb) and the QT version is here (8.4mb). Can you figure out what film we are parodying? If not, look here and you'll see what we were trying to do.

The Question & Answer Session with Hugh Hancock

I was very frustrated that my own recording of the Q&A session with Hugh was unusable until Ceedj told me he had a fairly decent recording and after a little cleaning up, it's a passable, though not ideal version. We had quite a bit of trouble running Skype voice through Second Life (feedback, echo, distortion) and I think we'll try Second Life's own voice conferencing next time. In any case, I've divided the longish Q&A into two parts; the first part is Hugh and I going at it and the second part is the questions from the people that attended the event (there were some good ones).

Here is part One of the Q&A with Hugh Hancock:

And here is part two of the Q&A:

You can download part one here and part two here. The whole session is available right here.

Note:The music you hear introducing each section was from the pre-premiere set that Hathead performed live for everyone. I don't quite know how he managed to do so many things at once. Not only that, but he's a damn good musician!


My good friend Damien (Darth Angelus) kindly captured video from the Premiere for me using Fraps. I've quickly cobbled together a short (3 min) documentary of the event using a magnatune by Electric Frankenstein. There is so much great music at that site. If you are looking for music for your machinima, head over to maganatune.com and take a look at what they've got. The licensing is ridiculously easy (even a commercial license is pretty cheap).

Here's the Documentary - (be prepared, it's a little loud..heh heh..)

You can download copies here (WMV, 26mb) and here (QT, 20mb)

Wouldn't you know it? Right after I finished this doc, I received 3 DVD-R's worth of video capture of the Premiere from Ceedj. Hey, thanks a lot, man. I'll see if I can't put a longer piece together for you, CJ. You know, fast and dirty!

Michelle (Stormy Harker, did you see that dress she was wearing?!) took quite a few pictures for us (thank you very much, Michelle). I've pulled some of the best ones and you can see them here in a slideshow created with software from slide.com.

Call me crazy, but don't the women have better taste in Second Life clothing than the men? Hell, look at me. I look like a thin Stanley Kowalski. It's odd though. If anyone is interested in High Res (2880 x 1700) of these shots, let me know and I'll make them available for you.

FYI, I'm using an open source flash player to stream the films you see here (for the Premiere Documentary, that is). It was created by Jeroen Wijering and is very, very customizable for smarter people than me. I did manage to figure out how to get two flv players to play separate films in the same blog entry. Blogger is just not up to a lot of newer plug ins. Thinking of switching over to Word Press. Stay tuned.

The audio plug in for the Q&A is originally a Word Press plug in, but it's been revised to work for Blogger. You can read about it at ourmedia.org in an article by Cindy McAdams. Phil Rice has it working very nicely at his Overcast site, but I can't quite get the player to do more than just play the file yet.

On Tuesday, I'll be posting my conversation with Paul Hamilton and Hugh Hancock on acting in Bloodspell. Sometime Thursday, I'll put up the "Scene Breakdown" article and conversation with Hugh and then finally a wrap up of the Bloodspell Premiere by the weekend. Whew! This post goes on forever. Stay tuned for lots more media.

Finally, an apology to Leo Lucien-Bey for not getting the BEAST premiere media and write up before now. I promise I'll have it up before the end of the week. We are still trying to find out feet with this new website and blog. Thanks for your patience, Leo.

  1. Blogger FLeeF | October 30, 2007 at 12:05 PM |  

    Wow! There's so much good stuff here to go through. I will be doing just that over the next few days. Great coverage. I wish I could have been there!

  2. Blogger Ricky Grove | October 30, 2007 at 12:19 PM |  

    Thank you, Frank! Your intro animation for Bloodspell is fantastic. Thanks for fitting this in to your schedule. I hope you enjoy all of the media here. I'll be posting quite a bit more this week, so hold on to your hat!

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