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Bloodspell Premiere @Second Life: Part One

We had quite a time in Second Life yesterday (Sunday) with the Bloodspell Movie Premiere. Despite a near perfect rehearsal on Friday, we had many technical problems that slowed down the event to a crawl at some points. Well, you know what Theatre people say about a great final dress rehearsal leading to a rough opening! Thanks to Hathead's tech tango, we were able to enjoy the Premiere in spite of the problems. My gratitude and thanks go out to you, Hathead!

began the event with a shortened live set (which was great) and then after a wait, Hugh Hancock and I began the Q&A with about 40 people in attendance listening to our conversation live via Skype. Second Life has a new voice chat function, but we didn't get a chance to test it, so we stuck with what had worked for us in the past. Despite some feedback problems at one point, Hugh and I talked about the changes he had made to the film in order to adapt it into a feature length film. We also talked about the new color correction process (via Adobe Premiere Pro) to add vividness to the color and depth to the backgrounds. After about 30 minutes we opened the questions up to the audience who passed them on to me (and Ingrid Moon) via the Second Life chat function. There were some very good questions like; "are you sick of the Neverwinter Nights engine now?" and "Have you changed your mind about Second Life now?". Hugh had written somewhat dismissively about Second Life as a machinima tool in his new book, "Machinima for Dummies". Lively debate occured with Hugh bravely holding his own (of course, no one else had voice chat function). The debate ended with Hugh agreeing to meet with SL machinimators for a tour of Second Life. Here's hoping they keep to their bargain!

Unfortunately, we were unable to show the very amusing Intro Hugh had recorded and Frank Fox had animated in Moviestorm. The intro was a send up of the original (1933) Frankenstein film. We just couldn't get it to play on the video screen in world. I'll be featuring this short intro along with photos and a complete audio recording of the Q&A on my next post. Stay tuned!

For now, here's a taste of some of the people and moments from the Premiere:

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